CNA Jobs

Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs) are always in demand in various healthcare facilities.

Typically, they work in long-term care and nursing facilities, providing basic patient care to residents.

The skills CNA have make them invaluable members of the healthcare team and of the industry.

So on this page, you’ll learn the different places CNAs find work and where to search for jobs online.

Places CNAs Can Work

Many facilities have a high demand for skilled CNAs, from hospitals to nursing homes.

Below are just some of the most popular places where CNAs can work.

Long-Term Care Facilities and Nursing Homes

In long-term care facilities and nursing homes, you help care for the disabled and elderly.

You perform basic nursing care, as well as other tasks if needed such as:

  • Emotional support
  • Physical therapy
  • Acute care
  • Advanced cardiac life support (ACLS)

Also, if you get employed here, not only will you have a stable job but also receive free CNA training and certification.

There are pros and cons to working in a long-term care facility and a nursing home.

Employers will shoulder your CNA training and certification costs.

Work is physically less demanding.

You will receive different experiences in a low-intensity environment.

You get to know patients, becoming their confidants.

There is a stigma about nursing homes.

Nursing homes and care facilities pay less.

The skillset is more concentrated due to a low-key environment.

You get attached to certain patients.


Local Hospitals

Another sought-after employers are hospitals.

Here, it has a fast-paced environment, and your tasks vary depending on which department you get assigned.

But at a minimum, your responsibilities still cover the basic and common duties of a CNA.

Here are the pros and cons of working in such a place.

It has a fast-paced environment.

Hospitals offer good pay and benefits.

Duties vary according to department placement.

You are backed by experienced doctors and nurses

Depending on hospital policy, you could transfer departments with supervisor approval.

Hospital positions are hard to get.

You have to volunteer to “get a foot in the door.”

Less turnover than other healthcare facilities.



CNAs working in hospices care for extremely ill patients.

And so, aside from the basic nursing care, part of your duties here include:

  • Providing emotional support to family members
  • Administering pain-relieving treatment to patients

That’s why, if you want to work here, you have to be absolutely sure you can handle the work demands.

Here are the pros and cons of working in a hospice.

You make a meaningful difference with terminal patients and their families.

You’ll acquire significant and worthwhile job experience.

Your experience in hospice care enables you to work well in other work environments.

You’ll take on a heavy workload on top of keeping up with new sciences and medical trends.

It offers lower pay than other CNA jobs.

Providing hospice care can become emotionally and mentally taxing.


Home Health Agencies

Working in home health agencies allows you certain flexibilities, such as:

  • Working with less supervision
  • Traveling to and from patients’ homes
  • Serving as a live-in nursing assistant

Here, you’ll care for patients’ daily living activities, helping them regain more independence.

Some of the tasks you’ll do include:

  • At-home medical care
  • Light housework
  • Consistent treatment documentation

Here are the pros and cons of working in a home health agency.

You make a meaningful impact on patients, especially on those who don’t get visitors often.

It’s good for getting experience without direct supervision.

It offers flexibility depending on the schedule and patient’s needs.

Time management can be hard to accomplish.

Work can be tedious, with some finding it hard to fill the downtime.

At times, you’ll have to drive to places considered unsafe.


Searching for CNA Jobs in Your Local Area

While searching for CNA jobs, you may have some questions when browsing the websites.

Here are some common questions:

  • Are there available CNA jobs in hospitals near me?
  • How can I find out if there are nursing homes that are hiring near me?
  • Which healthcare institutions are currently hiring CNAs in my locality?

You can use search engines like Google to help you find CNA jobs in those workplaces mentioned above.

Or, to help narrow your search down, you can also start your online job hunt through these websites:

  • Indeed
  • ZipRecruiter
  • Snagajob
  • Glassdoor
  • Healthcareerweb
  • HealthTrustJobs
  • Monster
  • SimplyHired
  • Avera
  • MyCNAjobs

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