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Do you want to become a Nurse Assistant, but you don’t know where to start?

Well, I am here to help you in this direction.

First of all, THINK BIG!

And when I say: BIG, I mean ”we all want to try work Abroad, right”?

And America’s Arkansas so far is the right place for you to go Nursing..

Despite so many advantages of pursuing an education there, the state has full control of the schools and application procedures.

Which means: the right thing in the right way!

The Arkansas Nursing Assistants are in charge of the Office of Long Term Care (OLTC).

After they complete the training and pass the examination, they are placed in the Nursing Assistant registry.

Then OLTC makes a contract with Prometric organization to administer examinations as well as manage the registry.

At the employment phase, Arkansas CNAs should expect criminal background checks also.

Training Pathways

Training is of course mandatory, and there are many types of training to pursue as a CNA.

The most direct and common is the Arkansas approved CNA program.

This program includes 90 hours of education and training in its course.

Despite the Arkansas, there are Nursing Assistants that complete their training program in other states, but did not take a test or certify there, can take an examination as long as the Office of Long Term Care decides that the training is according to the federal standards of the state.

Also, the applicants with Alternate Healthcare Training such as LPN or RN students who have completed at least the equivalent of Basic Nursing I, can qualify for the CNA competency program.

Similarly, those who have finished health aide programs that are okay with the federal guidelines, may take the CNA test without another separate CNA training.

For that, they need to provide documents that show their program was of at least 75 hours and of course that the federal needs were met.

Arkansas does not offer a pathway for the individuals with medical specialists training in the U.S armed forces.

However, Prometric advises such candidates to contact the OLTC about option 8.

This option allows the OLTC to keep discretion for the individuals whose testing does not match the standard pathways.

LPN or RNs who have the current licensing, or have held it in the past, can apply under the conditions of Option 8.

Examination Requirements

Arkansas CNAs take the Nursing Assistant Competency Exam.

This exam is made up of two components: knowledge and practical skills.

The knowledge exam is available only in English but can be presented in written or oral format.

Candidates who are unsure whether to take the written or oral knowledge examination, may take a reading assessment.

They should make their decision at the time of application.

The skills test involves actually demonstrating a sampling of skills.

Assisting someone to walk, changing bed linens while the person is in bed, and measuring breathing, are among the skills that may be assessed.

There will be a “resident actor” to play the part of the patient.

Test takers can download candidate information bulletins and basic preparation materials from the ‘Arkansas Nurse Aide Exam’ page of the Prometric site.

Additional preparation materials are available for a fee.

Then comes the registration.

Registration and scheduling procedures however, vary.

Some Arkansas facilities do the testing on-site.

In other cases, the candidate takes the exam at a regional site.

He or she will enter the site code for the selected location on the application form.

A candidate who needs to reschedule a testing session scheduled at a regional site, should contact Prometric well in advance.

(A test taker who fails to notify the testing agency five business days in advance will need to pay the testing fee to reschedule.)

A candidate who fails either the knowledge or skills examination, will receive information to improve test performance if he wants to succeed next time.

So far, only three attempts are allowed.

A candidate who completed an Arkansas-approved program must pass within one year of program completion.

Candidates who are approved under other pathways, must test within one year of testing eligibility approval. Otherwise it will be necessary to retrain.

Applicants Who Have Been Registered as CNAs

Arkansas Nursing Assistants who have not worked as CNAs in the previous 24 months period, and their certification has already expired, need to retake the test.

Only those who have won their certification and also worked as CNAs within this 24 months, can be accepted for renewal.

Out-of-State CNAs

There are chances for the out-of-state CNAs as well.

The registered ones can be reciprocated with others. If they are not current CNAs, they have to be tested in Arkansas.

Out-of-state CNAs have to contact the OLTC at 501-682-8430; the OLTC then will make the final decision for them.

The Application Process

Application procedures vary according to eligibility pathway.

Candidates who have completed the Arkansas-approved CAN training, are allowed to submit their application materials to Prometric.

But if they are taking their tests on-site at their school or nursing home, they can address their applications to an on-site representative.

The candidates who apply to Prometric, need to sumbit CAN training documents that indicates the date of completion.

Individuals who have completed home health aide training, also need to submit applications and provide training documentation directly to Prometric.

Nursing Assistants who have worked in their profession previously, and who need to retake the examination due to lack work experience and expired certificates, also need to submit their applications to Prometric.

They are directed to provide a certificate number if it is available.

Individuals applying through other pathways will first contact the Office of Long Term Care.

After receiving a letter of approval, they will submit applications to Prometric.

Applicants with current or previous out-of-state certification will submit exemption/ reciprocity forms to the OLTC.

Forms can be obtained directly from the OLTC.

They are also posted on the Human Services website.

Arkansas will contact the registries of all states where the CNA has been registered.

An eligible CNA will either be transferred to the Arkansas registry or authorized to apply to Prometric.

Application materials can be downloaded from Prometric.

Prometric then will send status emails to inform applicants if their application was incomplete or if it was complete, and inform them for the scheduled examination.

There’s a fee for the application that needs to be paid by the applicants.

Therefore, the submitted applications without the required fees will always be returned.

Fee Payment

Arkansas pays testing fees for the candidates who are employed in nursing homes or have offers to work in them.

For that, it is necessary to submit a letter on letterhead to Prometric.

The state usually does not pay rescheduling fees.

Candidates whose testing fees cannot be paid by the state, have to pay $10 for initial eligibility screening and $79 for the complete assessment.

Clinical skills test costs $45, while the written and oral test go around $34.

All these payments can be done either by money order, certified check, or credit card.

Candidates who are retaking an examination after a failure must submit new applications.

Additional Information

The Arkansas Office of Long Term Care can be found on the online web.

The OLTC can be reached at 501-682-8430 or ‘cna.oltc at’.

While Prometric can be reached at 800-818-8917 or ‘ARCNA at’.

The Best CNA Schools in Arkansas

CNA Schools in Arkansas are located in different places.

To enroll any training in them, you always need to make the application procedure.

They also make ease for out of state CNAs to register.

So, generally they are flexible schools for a Nursing Career.

19 CNA Schools in Arkansas

School NameAddress
Clark County Community EducationArkadelphia
Northwest Arkansas Community CollegeBentonville
Arkansas Northeastern CollegeBlytheville
Greenhurst Nursing CenterCharleston
South Arkansas Community CollegeEl Dorado
Butterfiled Trail VillageFayetteville
Legacy Health and Rehabilitation, LLCFort Smith
Fianna Hills Nursing and Rehabilitation centerFort Smith
University of Arkansas Community CollegeHope
Arkansas Academy for Nursing AssistantsLonoke
CNA School of North East ArkansasMarked Tree
Brookridge Cove Rehabilitation&Care CenterMorrilton
Montgomery County Nursing HomeMount Ida
Paris Health & Rehabilitation, LLCParis
Perry County CNA Training CenterPerryville
Davis Life Care CenterPine Bluff
Innisfree Health&RehabRogers
Shiloh Health&Rehabilitation CenterSpringdale
Texarkana Nursing AcademyTexarkana

The CNA Salaries in Arkansas

CNA Salaries in Arkansas are changing, but the constant is 29016 per year.

The salaries depend from the location of course.

But it also depends from the education, work experience and additional skills a CNA may have.

So, the more equipped with any of these features, you are more likely to get a good wage in Nursing.

And though you will have to pay for the examination cost and similar fees, still the salary will justify all the investment.

Annual Salary Range:

Average Salary of CNAs in Arkansas

City NameSalary
Little Rock$29,313
Fort Smith$27,302
North Little Rock$29,313
Pine Bluff$28,227
Hot Springs$29,029
* Salary information last updated 2022

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