CNA Classes in Connecticut (Top Schools)

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Connecticut is well known for its educational potential.

So, don’t be surprised when it comes to Nursing Training Schools there.

It is just one of the many sources of knowledge and work to be found.

And you can benefit from both-if interested!

As for every other US state, Connecticut’s Certified Nurse Aides issues are also regulated by the Department of Health.

CNAs basically enroll the training courses and then go for the test.

The Department of Health makes a contract with Prometric to manage both the application and examination process, as well as to maintain the nurse aide registry.

CNA Training Requirements

CAN or Nursing Training are a must for Connecticut CNAs.

A student in-state, for instance completes a Connecticut –approved CNA program.

For that, there is a list of programs set by the Department of Health.

These programs are mainly 100 hours in total, and are coordinated by RNs who are experienced in the long-term care.

A Connecticut CNA may also be approved to take the certification examination on the basis of a CNA program approved by another state.

The program must be at least 100 hours.

LPNs, RNs, and nursing students can also enter the test.

A student nurse must have completed at least 100 hour of education and clinical practice in the first place.

New nurse aide applicants must have completed their training within the prior 24 months so that they can be approved.

The Examination Process

Connecticut CNAs take the Nurse Aide Competency Exam.

The assessment consists of two tests.

In the skills test, candidates interact with “resident actors” and assist them by performing typical CNA functions.

A list of nurse aide skills can be found on the ‘Connecticut Nurse Aide’ page of the Prometric site.

The test taker is expected to perform five of these skills on the test day.

The knowledge test is made of multiple choice questions and is administered by the computer.

Test takers can take a written or oral version of the test.

Both are administered in English Language only.

Candidates who select the oral test can also see the written text on their computer screen.

But the applicants need to make their examination choice when they first submit materials to Prometric.

Some candidates will take their assessments at their facility.

However, those who don’t test on-site will be scheduled at a regional testing center.

They will be given the opportunity to select a preferred site as part of the application process.

Approved candidates are scheduled for the next available exam.

Test takers will receive their admission letters sooner if they provide email addresses.

Those who will not be able to make the exam that they are scheduled for are advised to contact Prometric promptly.

Test takers can find the basic examination information in the candidate bulletin.

A sample test is also included in the bulletin.

Practice tests can be purchased also.

Test takers will find links to many resources on the Connecticut testing page.

A first-time test taker has to take both tests.

A candidate who fails one may retake only the failed one.

Test takers who fail either the written or knowledge section are be notified at the testing site and given information about rescheduling.

Score reports are generally provided at the testing site.

If there is a glitch that prevents this, the test taker may go online to view the results.

Exemptions from Usual Testing and Training Requirements

A CAN who is current and in good condition in another state, can have the chance of reciprocity.

For these cases testing is not required.

An individual who:

has completed a program offered through the Connecticut Department of Education or Higher Education;

and has taken a state exam within the past 24 months can be freed from the testing requirements.

The program must be approved by the Department of Health of course.

An applicant who selects this method will need to provide an instructor signature.

Former nurse aides who have let their CNA certification to elapse, and do not qualify for renewal, will be required to go through the examination process, but not necessarily to retrain.

They will apply under ‘Route 4’.

Those who do qualify for renewal can find the required forms on the Prometric site.

The Application Process

Registry application materials can be found on the Prometric site.

Applicants who are testing at their own facility have to submit applications to a training coordinator.

Other applicants can submit them to Prometric.

Applicants may apply in two ways.

Either online or by print out forms.

Both mailed and faxed applications will be accepted.

A candidate who wants to apply by fax must pay fees with an approved credit card.

In either case, the applicant will need to make sure the name on the application matches the name on the ID that will be brought to the testing center.

Some supporting documentation will be required anyway.

A newly trained nurse aide, whether educated in Connecticut or out-of-state, must provide a copy of the certificate of completion.

A nurse or nursing student will provide a copy of a nursing school transcript or LPN or RN license.


A candidate who wants to undergo reciprocity has to provide either a copy of a certificate or a document from a state registry.

The letter must include issue and expiration dates as well as the confirmation that the credential is in good standing.

The candidates who choose the written knowledge test have to pay $110 for the examination.

While those who choose the oral test have to pay $120.

The retake fee for the skills examination is $65.

Retaking the written examination costs $45. While the oral examination is $65.

While the candidates who are exempted from Connecticut testing pay $55 in their application.

A candidate who passes both parts of the examination is typically added to the nurse aide registry within 48 hours.

The status can always be checked online.

The paper certificate generally follows within 15 days of testing.

Additional Information

The Connecticut Department of Health has provided information about the nurse aide certification process on its website.

The Department of Health can be reached at 860-509-7596.

Prometric may be reached by telephone at 866-499-7485 or by email at ‘ctcna at’.

CNA Schools in Connecticut

CNA Schools are located in different parts of Connecticut.

The advantages of enrolling any of them are numerous.

First, you have the opportunity of reciprocity if you belong to another state.

Secondly, you can apply for a CNA training either online or local.

And last but not least, you yourself choose the schools which fulfills all these conditions.

16 CNA Schools in Connecticut

School NameAddress
Jewish Senior ServicesBridgeport, CT 06604
Housatonic Community CollegeBridgeport, CT 06604
Northbridge Health Care CenterBridgeport, CT 06606
Bullard-Haven Regional Vocational Technical SchoolBridgeport, CT 06610
Sheriden Woods Health Care CenterBristol, CT 06010
Cobalt Lodge Health Care and RehabilitationCobalt, CT 06414
Quineubaug Valley Communtity CollegeDanielson, CT 06239
Tunix Community CollegeDanielson, CT 06239
Avery Nursing HomeHartford, CT 06106
Apple Rehab CoccomoMeriden, CT 06450
Milford Employment and Training OfficeMilford, CT 06460
Centra de la Comunidadad Inc.New London, CT 06320
New Milford Nursing HomeNew Milford, CT 06776
Alzheimers Resource CenterPlantsville, CT 06479
Ashlar of Newtown Inc.Sandy Hook, CT 06482
Naugatuck Community CollegeWaterbury, CT 06708

CNA Salaries in Connecticut

CNA salaries in Connecticut are quite promising.

The maximum CNA Salary in Connecticut is 37.785.

The sum of course changes, but an average of 34222 is always constant.

So, keep Nursing..

Annual Salary Range:

Average Salary of CNAs in Connecticut

City NameSalary
Bridge Port$35,699
New Heaven$34,706
New Britain$34,159
West Hartford$34,176
* Salary information last updated 2022

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