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In the beautiful areas of Delaware you cannot only go surfing.

There”s more to this place, believe me.

And Nursing is certainly that.

With a sufficient number of Nursing Schools, it can turn your wish into a reality within a few months.

Nursing Assistant Certification in Delaware

The Delaware CNAs are state regulated.

They are under the jurisdiction of the Delaware Division of Long Term Care Residents Protection (DLTCRP).

Mainly, they are certified based on the Training and Examination.

Basically, Theory&Practice!

Nursing education is in fact an alternative to CNA training.

CNAs who are certified in other states are not a lost cause either.

They are required to take the Delaware assessment only if program length was not at the level Delaware asks.

And also if they are unable to provide sufficient previous work experience.

The DLTCRP contracts with Prometric for administering examinations and manage the CNA registry.

CNAs who are employed by nursing homes (or by agencies that provide services to nursing homes) can expect to have criminal background checks and drug testing at the employment level.

Training: Approved CNA Programs

The most direct path to get the certification in Delaware is to complete a DLTCRP-approved CNA program.

Approved programs have a minimum of 150 hours.

This includes 75 hours for classroom instruction and clinical training separately.

Both the DLTCRP and Prometric have posted the list of Delaware-approved programs.

On the Prometric site, you can also find a list of examination passing rates organized by the program.

Training: Nursing School

A nursing student who has completed a course in “Fundamentals/Basic Nursing” can be tested as a CNA if the course included at least 75 clinical instruction hours in a long term care facility.

A nursing school graduate who completed an LPN or RN program within the prior 24 months will be free from both CNA training and examination.

A nursing school graduate on the other hand, who has completed a program more than 24 months in the past needs to take the CNA examination but will not be required to train as a CNA.

The Examination Process

Delaware CNAs take the Delaware Certified Nursing Assistant Competency Exam.

The exam includes a clinical skills test.

This involves assisting individuals who are playing the part of residents and a knowledge test which may be administered in either written or oral format.

Some candidates can take their examinations online.

Others will be scheduled at regional testing sites.

Those who are testing at regional sites will enter the test site code on their application forms.

Examinations are currently administered in sites in Dover, Georgetown, Wilmington, and Woodside.

A list of test sites and addresses is available on the ‘Delaware Nurse Aide’ page of the Prometric site.

Upcoming test dates are posted continually as well.

Test takers can download other documents such as registration materials, clinical skills checklists, and candidate information bulletins.

The candidate bulletin includes sample questions as well as a detailed overview of the examination process.

First time test takers will register for both tests.

Individuals who fail one of the tests will be allowed to take only the failed test on subsequent attempts.

First time test takers will pay $108 for both tests if they opt for the written knowledge test.

They will pay $118 if they opt for the oral test.

On subsequent attempts, they may $68 for a clinical skills test, $40 for a written test, or $50 for an oral test.

Candidates are allowed up to three attempts during their eligibility period.

Those who do not pass within 24 months of program completion, will need to re-enroll in a training program if they still seek certification.

Fee Repayment

When submitting the applications to Prometric, Delaware CAN candidates must include fees.

However, Prometric notes that individuals who are employed at qualifying nursing homes within twelve months of program/ examination completion, may have testing and training fees reimbursed.

This option is not available to individuals who are employed at other types of facilities such as assisted living.

Some nursing homes are also excluded to qualify.

A facility must have federal Medicare/Medicaid certification.

Individuals who are going through the training and examination process are advised to maintain documentation of their expenses.

Out-of-State CNAs

Out-of-state CNAs are eligible for reciprocity if they are current and in good standing and if they can verify either of the following:

Completion of a 150 hour training program.

The equivalent of three months of full-time employment as a CNA under the supervision of a doctor or licensed nurse.

420 hours is considered the equivalent of three full-time months.

The DLTCRP notes that Maryland nursing assistants must hold Geriatric Nursing Assistant (GNA) certification to be eligible for reciprocity.

The Application Process

There are three separate forms of applications, all available on the Prometric site.

CNAs who meet reciprocity requirements will use the reciprocity application.

Recent LPN and RN graduates will use the application for deemed certification; it is posted under ‘registry services’.

Other candidates will apply online or use the general application form.

Applications are not all sent to the same address.

This depends on eligibility route and testing site.

Certification by Examination

Examination applicants who will be testing on-site will give their applications to an on-site representative.

Those who will be testing at a regional site will mail them to Prometric at the following address:

Prometric, Attn: DE Nurse Aide Testing Program, 7941 Corporate Drive, Nottingham, MD 21236.

Supporting documentation will depend on eligibility route.

The applicant has to send one of the following documents:

Training instructor signature on application, verifying completion of an approved program

Letter from a nursing school, verifying completion of a qualifying course

Copy of a nursing diploma

Copy of an out-of-state CNA or GNA certificate

Verification of past Delaware CNA certification

Certification without examination

Individuals who meet requirements for reciprocity or deemed certification will mail their applications to the DLTCRP.

The endorsement application includes a page that must be filled out by an employer or a training program administrator.

Endorsement candidates will mail their $30 fees to the DLTCRP.

An endorsement applicant must include a copy of a photo ID and a copy of a CNA certificate or (if verification is done online) a printout.

Delaware will confirm registration status.

Applicants for ‘deemed certification’ will include copies of their nursing school diplomas.

No fee is required, but applicants are advised that the process may take 30 days.

Delaware does not issue paper cards.

Nursing assistants can verify their status online.

They may also call the registry.

Additional Information

Certification information can be found on the site of the Delaware Division of Long Term Care Residents Protection.

The CNA Registry can be reached by telephone at 302-577-6666.

Prometric can be reached at 866-664-9504.

Applicants who have unanswered questions after reading the documents posted on the website are invited to email ‘DECNA at’.

The Best CNA Schools in Delaware

CNA Salaries in Delaware depend on many factors.

These factors include: education, certification, working experience and the place you’re living in.

This means everything counts, but the best is mostly appreciated.

However, it is important that you can make use of your skills and succeed.

9 CNA Schools in Delaware

School NameAddress
Governor Bacon Health CenterDelaware City, DE 19706
Delaware Technical Community CollegeDover, DE 19904
Capitol Healthcare ServicesDover, DE 19904
Silver Lake CenterDover, DE 19904
Beebe Medical CenterLewes, DE 19958
Churchman VillageNewark, DE 19713
Churchman VillageNewark, DE 19713
Job Corps OfficeWilmington, DE 19802
Lee Training InstituteWilmington, DE 19804

The Best CNA Salaries in Delaware

There are 9 CNA schools in total in Delaware.

But with the programs they have and the choices they offer, they are enough.

The best for you is always the one you need.

Looking for a CNA school is like wanting to find a girl.

The wisdom behind it is almost the same.

Find who you are and what you want, then the right thing will come.

Annual Salary Range:

Average Salary of CNAs in Delaware

City NameSalary
New Castle$33,716
* Salary information last updated 2022

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