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If you wish to become a CNA in Illinois, there are two options: taking a training program or completing a nursing school or military training.

It’s possible for specialized military medics or hospital corpsmen to be certified, as well as for persons who graduated from a nursing school (with a course in Fundamentals of Nursing or Nursing 101 as well as 40 hours of supervised experience as minimum prerequisites).

No registry entry is required for nurses with valid Illinois licensure, while nurses from other US states are required to apply for registry entry (after skill requirements are verified).

Nurses from other nations can also apply for registration, but the requirements there may differ.

Training for a CNA in Illinois

Taking the BNATP (Basic Nursing Assistant Training Program) fulfills the requirements of the curriculum prescribed by the state (80 theory hours + 40 clinical hours with at least 12 hours focused on dementias).

This course will require 3 weeks to 120 days of dedicated training.

Using the information below you can make your school choice easier.

16 CNA Schools in Illinois

School NameAddress
Care Center of AbingdonAbingdon, IL 61410
Paul Simon Chicago Job Corps CenterChicago, IL 60623
Norwood CrossingChicago, IL 60631
TTI Medical ProgramChicago, IL 60656
Adult Education and Program CentreForsyth, IL 62523
Joliet Job Corps CenterJoliet, IL 60433
Hamilton Memorial Hospital DistrictMcLeansboro, IL 62859
Momence Meadows Nursing & Rehabilitation CenterMomence, IL 60108
Oaklawn Respiratory & Rehabilitation CenterOak Lawn, IL 60453
LaSalle CountyOttawa, IL 61350-1047
Whitehall of Deerfield Healthcare CenterRoadDeerfield, IL 60015
Lemont Nursing and Rehabilitation CenterRoadLemont, IL 60439
International Program AcademySchaumburg, IL 60173
Alden North ShoreSkokie IL 60077
Evenglow LodgeStreet Pontiac, IL 61764
Capitol HealthCare and Rehabilitation CentreStreet Springfi­eld, IL 62702

Know more: CNA Examination and Testing in Illinois

To be listed in the registry, a candidate must pass written and performance tests (after completing the BNATP).

Except in the case of inter-state reciprocity, all nurse aides must pass a written test (Illinois Nurse Aide Competency Exam, organized by Southern Illinois University-Carbondale).

The training program will usually provide the application materials (in special cases these materials are obtained from the Department of Public Health).

For nursing students, the verification of the completion of basic coursework and 40 hours of clinical is required.

Diplomas of foreign nurses will have to be translated into the English language, with an indicated duration of training.

Candidates coming from the military will be asked for certified copies or DD 214s (with 40 hours of clinical work as a minimum requirement).

Nurses coming from foreign countries and militaries must deliver work authorization.

The test can, if the request is approved in case of special needs, be taken in an oral manner or large print

The test is only available in English, except in special cases where half or more of the facility staff speaks another language.

The test fee is $65, which covers the application form and the training program to prepare the candidate and ensure minimum requirements are satisfied.

A $25 fee must be paid in case of a “no show”, while the repeat of a test following the previous failure will cost you $35; however, after one year since previous failure, full fees must be paid again.

The test can be attempted 3 times.

The direct application for the test is possible only if the candidate has previously failed the test or didn’t show up; it could also be allowed in cases of alternate training.

The testing is done at various places all over Illinois; the application must be sent a number of weeks in advance.

The unofficial test results will be mailed to you, in most cases, after 2 or 3 weeks after the review.

The results are entered in the registry digitally and can be verified online immediately after they appear ); (licenses or other credentials are not issued)…

To complete the registry entry, the candidate background will also have to be checked, and fingerprints will be required (candidates with criminal past can ask for a waiver).

After the previous certification expires, the CNA will have to be recertified, requiring him to pass written and still tests again.

This can be applied for at an individual evaluator, at a local community college, or by contacting the registry.

What Salary to Expect as a CNA?

The CNA salary in Illinois will vary (depending on skill, seniority, experience, workplace, etc.), but will, at $32,483 on average, ensure a comfortable existence.

Below we’ve prepared a table for you to check out an average salary on a per city basis.

Annual Salary Range:

Average Salary of CNAs in Illinois

City NameSalary
* Salary information last updated 2022

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