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With amazing economic sectors and beautiful landscapes, Chicago is a gem of the whole world.

The job market is in full development and it gives great chances and opportunities.

The schools are some of the best in the world and you are guaranteed to have an outstanding education.

CNAs annual average salary in Illinois is $32,483 - ABOVE U.S. AVERAGE!

International Career Institute ICI

The International Career Institute formed from the desire and need for an international and global approach to learning. The programs found here were designed to be similar if not identical to the best ones from all around the world. If you want a place that provides outstanding education at the highest standards we are the place for you.

The CNA class is typically completed in 3 to 4 weeks and the classes are usually during workdays. In case it is requested, hybrid classes with social programs can be designed for you.

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AddressAddress: 6425 N. Hamlin, Lincolnwood, Il 60712

Tukiendorf Training Institute

With the best partnerships and sister institutions, Turkendorf Training Institute has become the starting point for many successful careers both in the theoretical and practical fields. In our school, we value the pros and skills of any students and we work to develop the existing skills of all our students.

If you want to start a medical career, the CNA class is perfect for you. The classes are limited to 15 students and they are provided by 2 teachers at the same time, giving you enough time for questions and clarifications.

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AddressAddress: 5310 N. Harlem Ave. Suite 209, Chicago, IL 60656

Chicago’s Pulse CPR Training, Inc.

At Chicago Pulse CPR Training you will really experience the real-life clinical trails of healthcare providers. The teachers and tutors are selected based on their work performance and they go through a very serious training process. Our institution will provide you with everything you need from the moment you enroll up to the moment when you enter the work field.


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AddressAddress: 3211 W. 111th Street, Chicago, IL 60655

Phalanx Family Services

Phalanx Family Services provides the best care experience for your loved ones or for yourself in times of need. In addition to premium care service, we also conduct many preparation and formation classes for medical professionals or people who want to learn more about how to properly care for the loved ones.

Our 146 hours of CNA training includes advanced CPR training, intensive patient care, feeding methods, care techniques, and much more that will make you an exceptional professional.

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AddressAddress: 1201 W. 115th Street. Chicago, IL 60643

Polish American Association

The Polish American Association is a close partnership between these two countries and communities and it provides work and social integration for people who are looking for a job. Our programs focus on market trends and needs and they quickly prepare vocational workers for people from all over the world.

The 14-week long CNA program costs 960 USD but it covers all the required knowledge and skills in this job and it provides the needed equipment and resources.

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AddressAddress: 3834 N. Cicero Ave., Chicago, Illinois, 60641

The Nirvana Institute

The Nirvana Institute will prove to be the best experience and tutor of your life. Our goal is to provide exceptional preparation and training to all our students that want to start a new life. Our eligibility criteria are very permissive because we want every to have the chance to start a new career. Come and see the perfect place to start your education.

Our comprehensive and intensive CNA program is made of patient care and theory courses that will turn you into a professional in 25 days. We can also provide payment plans to make your educational process smoother.

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AddressAddress: 4650 S. King Drive, Chicago, IL 60653

Great Paragon Healthcare

Great Paragon Healthcare is an amazing healthcare provider that guarantees premium care for all the patients and residents. Our goal is to give the best care in the state while also preparing the next generation of carers. Our school is admired and respected by many hospitals, private clinics, and medical institutions from all over the country.

The CNA class costs 600 USD and an additional cost of 100 USD for registration. This cost covers most of the costs and it is non-refundable in the case you skip class or show low performance.

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AddressAddress: 2640 W Touhy Ave., Suite 206, Chicago, IL 60645-3147

City College of Chicago – Malcolm X

City Colleges of Chicago are an amazing educational chain that promises to help everyone start over or have a free start. The Malcolm X branch has a special historical meaning and it is among the best of our institution. The programs here aim to prepare the next professionals in a multitude of professions and branches.

You can choose to complete the CNA program in the morning or evening classes and the total tuition cost will be the same. We have outstanding resources and teachers that will guide you at any step of this experience.

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AddressAddress: 1900 W. Jackson Blvd., Chicago, IL 60612

Chicago Community Learning Center

Chicago Community Learning Center is the place to go if you want to start a new career in a short time. The purpose of this institution is to give every student, no matter the age or professional background, and a new start in popular professions. Our resources, materials, and curriculum are constantly updated to provide the best educational experience.

The 1635 USD CNA program fee covers every single cost from tuition to shoes and textbooks. Come and discover the best version of yourself with our amazing and well-designed program.

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AddressAddress: 840 W. Irving Park Road, Suite 203 Chicago, IL 60613

Prestige Nurse Aide Training Academy

Prestige Nurse Aide Training Academy offers the best possible start in any medical profession. Our tutors and educators offer the best clinical experience and training for those who want to start a new path. The facilities and equipment will give you a perfect example of the real-life challenges of taking care of a patient.

The CNA program is very short and comprehensive and it costs 835 USD for tuition. You will get an amazing chance to study from the best practitioners and to polish your skills in the best institutions.

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AddressAddress: 841 E.162nd Street South Holland, IL 60473

Morton College

Morton College is a big and respected name in the education community in the United States. The college trains countless professionals each year and i is an example of quality and performance. With us, you will discover the true beauty of knowledge and skills and you will have the chance to apply to the best companies and employers.

The CNA program will present you with the 21 vital skills of the patient care and it will take you through intensive las and amazing lectures that will prepare you for entry-level jobs in just a few weeks.

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AddressAddress: 3801 S. Central Avenue, Cicero, IL 60804

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