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Large, bustling, and with amazing opportunities, Minneapolis is a great place to live and study in Minnesota.

The city and area developed a lot in recent years and they offer great jobs.

The educational system and schools are great ad you will find many programs suitable for your needs.

CNAs annual average salary in Minnesota is $32,416 - ABOVE U.S. AVERAGE!

American Red Cross

Famous all over the world for its amazing contribution to the health and wellbeing of the world, the American Red Cross is indeed one of the best places to learn how to care for others. Our tutors have the mist experience in the state and they will share their experience and knowledge with everyone that wants to take on medical and career careers.

To take on our CNA program, you have to be 16 years old and to pass criminal and medical checks. The classes are small and at every 10 students, we assign at least one tutor.

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AddressAddress: 1201 West River Parkway, Minneapolis, MN 55454

Minneapolis Community and Technical College

With a long history and excellent educational expertise, Minneapolis Community and Technical College provide one of the most diverse selections of theoretical and vocational programs in the area. All our classes and labs have very modern facilities and you will have full access to all our facilities and mentoring from our teachers.

One of our superstar programs is the CNA thanks to the increasing demand for care professionals. The program takes just a few weeks to complete and it has everything you need to know included.

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AddressAddress: 1501 Hennepin Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55403

North American Medical Academy

North American Medical Academy is the pinnacle of quality and professionalism in the world of medical education. We love what we are doing and we will share our passion, expertise, and knowledge with everyone that wants to follow this amazing career path. Come and discover our intensive and innovative medical programs!

The CNA program is one of the most popular in our school and it can be done in 4 or 8 weeks, depending on your schedule. During this time you will have 80 hours of lectures and 40 hours of practice.

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AddressAddress: 5201 Bryant Ave. N, Minneapolis, MN 55430

East Side Neighborhood Services, Inc.

Aiming t provide new and professional experts to the state, East Side Neighborhood Services is an amazing place to start a new career. our programs follow the needs of the state and employers, giving you that advantage of knowing exactly what is needed on the job market. All our tutors and professors were picked from the best in the whole state.

Our CNA program is excellent in terms of quality and it takes a short time to complete. Besides this, given the characteristics of our institution, you can access the program for free under certain conditions.

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AddressAddress: 1700 Second Street NE, Minneapolis, MN 55413

Midwestern Careers

Midwestern Careers is one of the best places to take your love for knowledge to the next level. We have one of the biggest educational institutions in the state and very long experience in providing theoretical and vocational education. With us, you will have the guarantee that you are learning from the best in the best facilities and with the best materials.

The CNA is excellent if you love medicine and you want to start a new career really fast. The program can be completed in 90 hours and the schedule is very flexible.

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AddressAddress: Minneapolis, Minnesota 55404

Century College

Century College stands with a helping hand to anyone looking for an excellent place to start a new career. We provide a multitude of programs that are recognized at the state, federal, and international levels. We adapt our teaching methods and curriculum based on student feedback and international educational trends.

We have a multitude of medical programs and one of the best is CNA. It has a very versatile schedule and it will give you the option to take in a credit or non-credit manner.

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AddressAddress: 3300 Century Avenue North, White Bear Lake, Minnesota 55110

International Institute of Minnesota

With a history that stretches back more than 100 years, the International Institute of Minnesota is one of the biggest names in education in the state. You will discover the best campus, dorms, classes, and facilities in the area. Our programs and classes have international recognition, giving you the chance to use your knowledge all over the world.

The CNA program is perfect for entry-level jobs and people who want to start a career in a short time. We are very proud to say that our school has an outstanding 98% passing rate in the state exam.

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AddressAddress: 1694 Como Avenue, Saint Paul, MN 55108

Dakota County Technical Center – Rosemount Campus

With a strong will to give everyone the chance to an excellent education, Dakota County Technical Center-Rosemount Campus is one of the biggest names in education in Minnesota. We constantly advocate and fight for the quality of medical studies and practice and with us, you are guaranteed to have the best practice and modern education.

The CNA program will provide you with all the knowledge about patient care, infection control, management, and many more in just a few weeks and for the tuition cost of 1299 USD.

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AddressAddress: 1300 145th Street East, Rosemount, MN 55068

Normandale Community College

Normandale Community College stands at the top of all the educational ranks in the state thanks to its amazing and highly-trained tutors and professors. We are very proud of our students and graduates and they all damaged to get amazing jobs upon graduating. Come and discover your true abilities and capabilities with our amazing programs.

To enroll in the CNA program you have to pass a medical checkup, lift 50 lbs by yourself, and to have a clean criminal background. You will be thrilled by the opportunities you will get upon completion.

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AddressAddress: 9700 France Avenue South, Bloomington, MN 55431

St Paul College

St. Paul College represents one of the most welcoming and friendly places to start your studies and future career. We believe that the best education is the one in which we constantly upgrade ourselves and our curriculum by following the advice of the best education experts and providers. Come and see for yourselves how high-quality education looks and feels like.

The CNA program is recognized at the state and federal level and it will fully prepare you for the state exam. On top of that, you can choose to take the exam in a familiar environment, on our campus.

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AddressAddress: 235 Marshall Avenue, Saint Paul, MN 55102

Hennepin Technical College

Modern, open-minded, and ready to actively contribute to the future of our students, Hennepin Technical College College is one of the most famous and respected names in the educational world. Our teaching and training strategy is to provide a customized and modern educational experience to all our students in order to fully prepare them for a great future career.

The CNA program is among the wisest choices given the increase in the need for this profession. You can opt for a day or night class and no matter your schedule, you will be ready for the state exam and your career.

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AddressAddress: 9000 Brooklyn Blvd, Brooklyn Park, MN 55445


Heartcert provides the most integrative and modern education in the whole state of Minnesota. For years we have been considered one of the best places to study and to start a career thanks to our modern curriculum, open-minded teaching board, and renovated labs, classes, and campus. Come and discover the best way of studying health and medical care.

If you want to start a medical career in a short time, CNA is perfect for you. The program covers 96 hours from which the theoretical part can be done online if your schedule does not permit you to come on the campus.

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AddressAddress: 4460 Erin Dr. Eagan MN 55122

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