CNA Classes in Nevada (Top Schools)

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Nevada’s CNAs are regulated and certified by the Nevada State Board of Nursing.

Training programs are obligatory to complete the process, as is passing the exams.

Every candidate also has to pass background checks (mainly for criminal history).

How to Start Training

Almost in all cases, training programs are required as the first step.

Such programs have to strictly meet the demands of the Omnibus Reconciliation Act and last at least 75 hours.

The faster, the safer: after training, a candidate has only two years to pass the exam – so it’s best to take an exam as soon as possible, to take possible retries into account.

A candidate that has completed at least the fundamentals of nursing at a nursing school, can be approved to take the test even without completing the standard training.

Please take a look at our school list to help you pick and choose the optimal school for you.

11 CNA Schools in Nevada

School NameAddress
Mountain View Care CenterBoulder City, NV 89005
Highland Village of ElkoElko, NV 89801
Highland Village of FallonFallon, NV 89406
GardnervilleHealth and Rehabilitation CenterGardnerville, NV 89410
TLC Care CenterHenderson, NV 89014
Torrey Pines Rehabilitation HospitalLas Vegas, NV 89146
Pershing General HospitalLovelock, NV 89419
Highland Manor of MesquiteMesquite, NV 89027
PahrumpHealth and Rehabilitation CenterPahrump, NV 89060
Hearthstone of Northern NevadaSparks, NV 89434
Nye Regional Medical CenterTonopah, NV 89049

Background Check and the Application

In Nevada, a criminal background check is a strict requirement before the test.

Electronic fingerprinting is an option, but individuals with traditional fingerprints can address their local police station or a private fingerprinting institution (using the card FD-258 from Board of Nursing).

The candidates are invited to send a fingerprint card together with application papers, but in case application papers are obtained online, the Board will send the card to the candidate (Board asks for a fee of $51,25 for processing the submitted card).

Livescan users submit their fees at the local Livescan department and the copy of the receipt to the Board of Nursing.

The Application papers can be easily obtained on the Board web page, or alternatively, they can be mailed after they are requested.

Every candidate has to prove the required education level (either as a certificate from the officially approved the course, or as a transcript that proves the completion of fundamentals of nursing course in a school).

Important: three documents have to be reviewed before you apply; these are: Nevada CNA Skills Guidelines, Nevada CNA Model Curriculum and the Advisory Opinion for CNA Hours of Employment (all available on the Board’s website).

Also, take notice: avoid sending the other documentation separately from the application form.

To review the application, the Board asks for a fee of $50.

The time of review varies from case to case, due to the need to check the provided information from reliable sources (in practice, the certificates are usually received in a week).

Every candidate can confirm his certification status online.

Conditions of Exam Success

The Nevada Nursing Assistant Competency Exam is provided and processed by Prometric Company.

Two areas are tested – practical skills and knowledge (in the form of multiple-choice questions, in written or oral form).

To pass the practical test, a candidate has to prove the ability to execute standard nursing assistant tasks (feeding a patient, taking medical measurements, moving a disabled patient, etc.).

Either mannequins or real persons (other test challengers) are used to test these skills, depending on the requirement.

Usually, the set of skills tested is not set in stone, but changes as administrations come and go.

A general checklist of these skills is located on the Prometric website.

When a candidate is deemed eligible for testing, the Board will send that info to the testing center.

Every candidate has to further confirm his eligibility after he or she sends the application papers (after 3 weeks).

Take notice: a candidate has to contact the testing center himself.

There are three centers currently, in Reno, Las Vegas, and Elko.

The testing schedule is always available on the Prometric website, but typically exams are done monthly.

On some sites, there is a possibility to take the test based on the walk-in (after getting current info from the testing institution).

Important: do not neglect the fees; they differ per testing location.

At Reno (Truckee Meadows Community College), it is $135 for the complete test ($90 to repeat the skill test, $40 to take the knowledge exam again).

At the College of Southern Nevada (Las Vegas), you have to pay $90 for skill-test, and $30 for the knowledge exam.

Results are usually known very fast, on the day of the testing, at least for the knowledge part.

For skill test result, it can sometimes come later, as conditions can vary from site to site.

Only the failed part of the test has to be retaken in case of failure (max 2 retries, the passing of both portions is required in a 1-year time limit).

After successfully passing the exam, in practice, the certificates are usually received in a week.

Every candidate can confirm his certification status online.

Being an Out-of-state CNA in Nevada

Endorsement papers are required from every state where an out-of-state CNA is certified (often requires a fee).

It is advised to call the local state centers, to get up-to-date information about the requirements (prone numbers are a part of the application pack).

Also, papers like a copy of training certification and the nursing assistant certification are required, as well as proof that a candidate has worked as a CNA in an officially approved institution in recent years (either W-2, pay stub, or a letter from the head of the company).

Temporary certificates can be approved during the period when the out-of-state CAN wait for the background checks.

The Salary Possibilities

Every aspiring CNA knows what to expect of his future job: a secure workplace with a lot of opportunities to care about other people while having decent living conditions to support an individual or even a family if necessary.

While the average Nevada CNA salary is currently at $32,479, you may require more detailed information; in that case, please consult the table below!

Annual Salary Range:

Average Salary of CNAs in Nevada

City NameSalary
Las Vegas$32,844
North Las Vegas$32,844
Carson City$31,941
Boulder City$32,400
* Salary information last updated 2022

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