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The Board of Nursing issues CNA credentials in New Hampshire, after the completion of the training and examination process.

Before approval, every candidate’s criminal background must be checked as well.

By going through an examination process, it is also possible to renew a previously lapsed CNA credential.

The Merits of the Education Process

There are two ways to earn the right to take the exam: completing training or proving to possess the equivalent skill.

If a candidate has completed a compatible nursing course within the last 5 years, he or she can be certified on that basis (requirements laid out in Provision 704.09; the candidate mainly has to finish “fundamentals of nursing” education).

Aspiring LNAs also have the possibility to take the CNA exam with written approval.

The possession of the necessary knowledge is more important than the way of acquiring it; the rules themselves inform that there are several valid ways of obtaining an education.

For example, a person who already completed a nursing course in a different state is eligible for testing in New Hampshire.

However, it’s always a good idea to choose a well-known school with a good reputation; to help you, we’ve prepared a list of some of the most prominent CNA schools in New Hampshire.

7 CNA Schools in New Hampshire

School NameAddress
Dover Center for Health & RehabilitationDover, NH 03820
Colonial Poplin Nursing HomeFremont, NH 03044
Belknap County Nursing HomeLaconia, NH 03246
Kindred Transitional Care and Rehabilitation – GreenbriarNashua, NH 03062-2145
Woodlawn Care CenterNewport, NH 03773
Coos CountyStewartstown, NH 03597
The Morrison Assisted Living and Skilled Nursing CareWhitefield, NH 03598

The Way of the Exam

Certain categories of candidates must acquire the approval of the Board of Nursing before being allowed to take the test; only after approved, they may submit their exam application.

Multiple challenge programs are approved by the state, usually more involving than just taking the test.

Knowledge and skill tests both have to be passed with a satisfactory result.

Several different institutions provide the tests and organize the exam, for example, Excel Testing, American Red Cross or Pearson VUE, so there is a wide choice.

Tests may differ between various providers, but there are also important common points: for example, a knowledge test is always done in the form of multiple-choice questions (in written or oral form).

Skill testing usually always asks the candidate to prove the ability to execute various nursing duties, even while constrained by time.

Some adjustments of tests are possible for people with disabilities, strictly following the protocol; rules are clearly listed in candidates’ handbooks, provided by a chosen testing institution.

Even for candidates who can’t yet take the exam, it’s a good idea to collect all available information on testing from relevant agencies, online and offline.

Pearson VUE Company advises testing candidates to keep their NNAAP handbooks for future consultation, even though additional registration at the facility is needed to access the test.

For any questions on NNAAP, answers may be available at (888) 204-6187.

Excel Testing institution informs candidates who want to renew their expired license on the need to first ask the Board of Nursing to determine if they’re eligible.

To contact Excel Testing, either call (603) 647-4900 or ask by e-mail at

Those that pass the evaluation have to provide their training certificates and their test results to be registered as CNAs.

One exception is nursing students, as they can use the transcript of education or letters from their school.

The fee stands at $35, and if the candidate is licensed, it can be checked online.

An Alternative Path: The Endorsement

If a CNA has enough (200 hours) of nursing work experience overseen by a Licensed Practical Nurse, Registered Nurse or Advanced Practice Registered Nurse in the last two years, he or she can be endorsed into the New Hampshire registry.

24 contact hours of continued competency education in the last 2 years have to be proved as well.

To begin the process of endorsement, a copy of a certificate or license is needed, as well as verification from another state’s Registry.

Fees may be required by these Registries, so it’s best practice to get informed beforehand.

All necessary papers, like license verification form and contact hour reporting form are included in the endorsement application packet.

On the Salary Crossroads

Being a CNA in New Hampshire is easy if you have the prerequisites; If you like caring and sharing your time with people in need and if you desire a comfortable and peaceful life.

In case you are interested in this occupation, you may be interested to know that the current salary in New Hampshire is $32,163; for a more detailed, per-city info, please use the provided table.

Annual Salary Range:

Average Salary of CNAs in New Hampshire

City NameSalary
* Salary information last updated 2022

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