CNA Classes in South Carolina (Top Schools)

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You might have gone to SC to enjoy its beautiful beaches and islands.

But you can go there for more…

And that’s Nursing!

Being Home to many CNA schools, you can make your Nursing career a wonderful journey.

But a Journey of what?

I can tell you, a journey of both learning Nursing and seeing Places!

Certified Nursing Assistant Requirements in South Carolina

Nursing Assistants in South Carolina are under the jurisdiction of the Department of Health and Human Services.

In order to become NAs, they must complete training programs and pass both skills and knowledge assessments.

South Carolina makes a contract with Pearson to administer assessments and maintain the registry.

Training Requirements and Examination Eligibility

Future CNAs must complete a state-approved training program that meets the requirements of the South Carolina code.

The state, requires 100 hours of training, somewhere above the minimum national standard hours.

The surest way is to complete a training program that has been approved especially to train South Carolina CNAs.

The candidates, however, can be tested on account of the recent completion of programs that are approved for certification in other states.

A candidate needs to document the total number of hours and the number of clinical hours.

Pearson has provided a list of approved South Carolina programs.

Prospective students can also see the programs’ recent pass rates on qualifying examinations.

There are several alternative training pathways.

LPN and RN students can be found eligible if they earned grades of ‘C’ or higher in the fundamentals of nursing.

They must apply within two years of the time that they completed the qualifying coursework unless they are currently enrolled in nursing school.

Individuals will also be considered on the basis of military-based training. Eligibility is determined on a case by case basis.

The Examination Process

South Carolina is among the 25 states that utilize the National Nurse Aide Assessment Program, or NNAAP.

In South Carolina, the NNAAP is administered jointly by Pearson VUE and the NACES Plus Foundation.

The examination program includes two assessments, both of which must be passed.

One is a multiple-choice knowledge examination.

Candidates can opt for a written or oral version.

The oral assessment is available in both English and Spanish.

The skills examination requires the candidate to carry out a sampling of nursing assistant skills.

All test takers are evaluated on hand hygiene.

All are required to carry out a measurement task (for example, measuring blood pressure or weight).

The other tasks are randomly selected.

Candidates can find a skill listing in the candidate handbook.

They will also find a Spanish language skill list on the South Carolina Nurse Aides page of the Pearson Vue website.

Some candidates will test in-facility.

Others will test at regional sites.

They will select their preferred site at the time of application.

They will also indicate if they are willing to travel to take the test sooner and if so, how far they can go.

A candidate should receive a yellow confirmation card within ten days of submitting the application.

A candidate who does not get the authorization in this timeframe should call NACES to clarify.

Rescheduling, if necessary, should be done at least five business days in advance.

Otherwise, additional fees will be required.

Absences can be excused in certain circumstances – e.g. illness, death in the family, weather emergency and similar.

Test takers will receive their score reports shortly after testing.

A candidate who fails either assessment will receive information about scheduling a retake.

Up to three examination attempts will be allowed.

A candidate who has still not passed will need to retrain to restore eligibility.

The Application Process

A first-time nurse aide needs to apply simultaneously for examination and registry placement.

Applications can be downloaded from the Pearson Vue website.

Applicants must supply eligibility documentation, additionally.

Those who completed South Carolina-approved programs will have their program fill out one section of the application.

Those who completed equivalent programs in other states will include either a certificate or diploma or a letter on official letterhead;

Documentation must show the number of clinical hours as well as the number of classroom hours.

Student nurses, graduate nurses, and military personnel have an additional step.

They are to fax documentation before applying.

Acceptable documentation may include a school or military education transcript or a letter from a nursing advisor.

The cover letter will need to be addressed to the “Program Manager of Nurse Aide Program” and will need to include the applicant’s own name and contact information.

Directions are found in the Pearson candidate bulletin.

Candidates applying on the basis of alternate training are to confirm eligibility before applying to Pearson (or sending fees).

Their email address is ‘scnar at’.

Examination fees must be included.

The full examination costs $101.

The skills evaluation retest costs $71.

The oral or written retest costs $31.

The application includes screening questions.

When a candidate answers “yes” to either of the questions, the application is forwarded to the South Carolina Department of Health and Human Services for eligibility screening.

Application materials are to be sent to the NACES Plus Foundation.

They should arrive together in one envelope.


Out-of-state CNAs can be credentialed by reciprocity as long as they meet training and experience requirements.

For that, they will need to verify the completion of a 100-hour program.

This can be verified through a copy of a transcript, certificate or diploma or a notarized letter from the school.

Unless the CNA was placed on the registry in the prior two years, he or she will need to document work experience.

Eight hours paid to work as a CNA will suffice.

This can be documented through a pay stub or W-2.

Reciprocity applications are available on the Pearson VUE website.

CNAs with Lapsed Certificates

CNAs can take the test without retraining provided that their certification expired within the most recent 24 month period and they completed a 100-hour training program in the past.

Both in-state and out-of-state CNAs are allowed take the test to become active on the registry.

Additional Information

The Department of Health and Human Services can be reached by email at or by telephone at (803) 898-2590.

NACES Plus Foundation can be reached at (800) 273-3517.

Pearson VUE can be reached at (800) 475-8290.

The Best CNA Schools in South Carolina

The best CNA schools in SC depend on what you look for and how much you can afford to pay.

However, there are options to consider, so that you can make the right choice.

So, plan and choose wisely!

19 CNA Schools in South Carolina

School NameAddress
NHC BlufftonBluffton, SC 29910
Cheraw HealthcareCheraw, SC 29520
Chester County Nursing CenterChester, SC 29706
The Department of Mental HealthColumbia, SC 29202
SC Department of Social ServicesColumbia, SC 29202
Edgefield Health Care CenterEdgefield, SC 29824
Paxen Learning CorporationFlorence, SC 29501
Fountain Inn Nursing and Rehabilitation CenterFountain Inn, SC 29644
Fountain Inn Nursing HomeFountain Inn, SC 29644
Georgetown Healthcare and RehabilitationGeorgetown 29440
Magnolia Manor InmanInman, SC 29349
NHC HealthCare, LaurensLaurens, SC 29360
Charleston Nursing CenterMt. Pleasant, SC 29464
Myrtle Beach ManorMyrtle Beach, SC 29572
Trident One Stop Career SystemNorth Charleston 29406
Carolina Village Health Care CenterRock Hill, SC 29732
N Greenville Hospital SacTravelers Rest, SC 29690
Agape Nursing and Rehabilitation CenterWest Columbia, SC 29169
Woodruff ManorWoodruff, SC 29388

CNA Salaries in South Carolina

CNA salaries in SC depend on many factors.

Among them, are to be mentioned: skills, certification, working experience, as well as the level of education.

Having less than this will surely mean lower salary-and vice-versa.

But, on the other hand, you should know the golden rule also:

Quality over quantity-which applies anytime!

So, keep learning& earning!

Annual Salary Range:

Average Salary of CNAs in South Carolina

City NameSalary
North Charleston$30,092
Rock Hill$31,190
Mount Pleasant$30,092
Hilton Head Island$29,429
* Salary information last updated 2022

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