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The Utah Nursing Assistant Registry (UNAR) holds jurisdiction over Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs.)

To be a CNA, you have to meet the following requirements:

  • Complete a state-approved Nursing Assistant Training and Competency Evaluation Program (NATCEP)
  • Pass the Utah CNA Exam

Taking a CNA Training Program in Utah

As a CNA, you assist senior nurses in providing basic nursing care to residents.

As such, you must receive an education from an approved NATCEP training facility.

In the program, you will spend 100 hours of training, with 24 hours of supervised clinical training.

Generally, the program is offered by community colleges and nursing facilities, some of which are listed below.

For the complete and updated list of NATCEP providers, visit UNAR’s website.

16 CNA Schools in Utah

School NameAddress
Life Care Center of BountifulBountiful, UT 84010
Thatcher Brook Rehabilitation and Care CenterClearfield, UT 84015
Draper Rehabilitation and Care CenterDraper, UT 84020
Highland Care CenterHolladay, UT 84124
Copper Ridge Health CareJordan, UT 84088
ccCNAMidvale, UT 84047
Pinnacle Nursing and RehabilitationNorthPrice, UT 84501
Mt. Ogden Health and Rehab CenterOgden, UT 84405
Iron County Nursing HomeParowan, UT 84761
Legacy Village of TaylorsvilleTaylorsville, UT 84129
Hurricane Health and RehabilitationHurricane, UT 84737
Parkdale Health & RehabNorthPrice, UT 84501
Logan Nursing and Rehabilitation CenterLogan, UT 84341-7525
Arlington Hills Healthcare CenterSalt Lake City, UT 84102
Clearfield Job Corps CenterClearfield, UT 84016-0070
Four Corners Regional Care CenterWest Blanding, UT 84511

Evaluating a CNA Candidate

After completing training, you will take the state competency exam.

Unlike other states, Utah administers its own CNA exam through approved testing centers.

Further, UNAR contracted with D&SDT-Headmaster to help with the exam registration and scheduling.

The Utah CNA Exam

The state competency exam has two parts: a written test and a skills test.

You have one year from the date of training completion to pass both tests.

Here are the important things you should know about both tests.

Written Test

  • It’s a computer-based test consisting of 100 multiple-choice questions.
  • You’ll take the test with audio available (headphones provided by the testing center).
  • If you have a documented disability, the following will be available to you:
    • A paper-and-pencil test
    • A reader designated by the testing center
  • You can bring a translation dictionary in your native language subject to the proctor’s inspection.
  • The passing rate is 75%.

Skills Test

  • During the test, you have to competently perform the following:
    • A set of vital signs
    • Handwashing
    • 5 randomly selected skills from the Skills Task Listing
  • All critical criteria must be accounted for.
    • Infection control and standard precautions
    • Safety
    • Residents rights
    • Communication
    • Recognizing and reporting changes
  • The RN examiner will give you two helpful prompts only during the test.
  • You have 40 minutes to complete all assigned skills.

Exam Results

After taking both tests, you will receive your exam results by mail in eight to ten days.

If you pass both tests, your name will be added to UNAR.

But if you don’t, you will have to retake the test/s you failed, following the retesting instructions in your score report.

You can also contact your NATCEP provider for more retesting information.

Note: Your CNA certificate is only valid for two years and must be renewed before it expires.

CNA Candidates Eligible for the Utah CNA Exam

Before applying for the exam, you must first know if you’re eligible to take it.

UNAR allows the following candidates to sit for the CNA Exam:

  1. Newly-trained Utah nursing assistants
  2. Utah CNAs with less than 12 months of expired certification but is in good standing with UNAR
  3. Nursing students who completed the nursing fundamentals course
  4. Nursing graduates who completed the nursing fundamentals course in the last two years
  5. Licensed nurses in any state with expired licenses but is in good standing in their respective state’s professional board
  6. Out-of-state CNAs with expired certification

All except for candidates belonging to nos. 2 and 5 will have three attempts to pass both tests.

Meanwhile, candidates 2 and 5 will only have one attempt.

Otherwise, you’ll need to re-enroll in NATCEP to be eligible for the Utah CNA Exam again.

For the application requirements and documentation, visit UNAR’s website.

Certification by Reciprocity

For out-of-state CNAs, you can be granted reciprocity if you:

  • Have an active status in another state’s NAR
  • Are in good standing in that state’s NAR

Simply submit the following to UNAR for verification and approval:

  • Duly accomplished Application for Enrollment By Reciprocity
  • Proof of CNA certification

If you have more questions, you can contact UNAR at (801) 547-9947.

Potential Salary

CNAs enjoy good salaries in Utah.

Currently, you can receive an average salary of $30,021 annually here.

But of course, salaries vary from place to place.

That’s due to the influence of many factors, such as:

  • Education
  • Skill level
  • Working experience

Below you’ll find the salary information in the different places in the state.

Annual Salary Range:

Average Salary of CNAs in Utah

City NameSalary
Salt Lake City$30,113
West Valley City$30,002
West Jordan$30,003
St. George$32,369
* Salary information based on the May 2022 Occupational Employment Statistics (OES) Survey for Nursing Assistants, OCC Code 31-1131, BLS.
* Employment conditions in your area may vary.

Regional Salary

RegionEmployedAvg. Annual SalaryAvg. Hourly PayTop 10% Annual SalaryBottom 10% Annual Salary
Logan, UT-ID680$29,680$14.27$36,140$23,610
Ogden-Clearfield, UT2,380$33,330$16.03$37,970$27,830
Provo-Orem, UT1,730$32,430$15.59$37,180$27,020
St. George, UT1,140$31,940$15.36$40,150$25,590
Salt Lake City, UT5,640$34,650$16.66$40,610$28,330
* Salary information based on the May 2022 Occupational Employment Statistics (OES) Survey for Nursing Assistants, OCC Code 31-1131, BLS.
* Employment conditions in your area may vary.

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