4 CNA Schools in Baton Rouge, Louisiana

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Baton Rouge offers plenty of opportunities for CNAs.

In this city, you can receive career growth and development, particularly job placement assistance.

You can start your CNA journey by checking out the schools in Baton Rouge, LA listed below.

CNAs annual average salary in Louisiana is $30,300 - ABOVE U.S. AVERAGE!

Pelican Training Institute

About the School

Pelican Training Institute provides premier healthcare training and education.

Its students will benefit greatly from the guidance and support of expert instructors and dedicated staff with real-world skills.

Courses Offered

Pelican Training Institute provides job-specific training to students wanting to have a healthcare career.

Their CNA program consists of 40 hours of lectures and 40 hours of clinical practice.

Upon completion, you’ll…

  • Receive education about what’s going on in healthcare
  • Prepare for employment as an entry-level nursing assistant
  • Sit for the state exam
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AddressAddress: 3233 S Sherwood Forest Blvd. Baton Rouge, LA 70816

Camelot College

About the School

Camelot College was founded out of a vision to to provide education and career skill training to unemployed and underemployed people in the business and medical industries.

The College continues its emphasis on educational excellence and job placement and is established as a vital post-secondary institution in the Southern Region.

Courses Offered

Camelot College provides education and skills training to individuals in the business and medical industries.

Their six-week CNA program prepares you for the job in various healthcare settings.

Upon completion, you can sit for the state exam and be ready for employment.

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AddressAddress: 2618 Wooddale Blvd. Ste. A Baton Rouge, LA 70805

Glen Oaks Magnet High School

About the School

Glen Oaks Magnet High School offers multiple magnet themes including Medical Magnet, Health Sciences, Sports Medicine, and Radio Broadcasting.

It aims to engage students in a rigorous curriculum focused on college and career readiness as well as provide students with opportunities to explore medical/allied health sciences and broadcasting professions while fostering an environment for self-discovery.

Courses Offered

Glen Oaks Magnet High School offers Magnet Programs to engage students in curriculums focused on college and career readiness.

Their Medical Magnet Program includes a CNA course that prepares you for employment in healthcare.

Training will consist of lectures and clinical practices with a focus on the following areas:

  • Bedside care
  • Infection control
  • Safety and emergency procedures
  • Vital signs
  • Mental health
  • Communication and interpersonal skills
  • Ethical and legal issues
  • CPR
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AddressAddress: 6550 Cedar Grove Drive, Baton Rouge, LA 70812

Flannery Oaks Guest House

About the School

Flannery Oaks Guest House believes that nursing care is directed toward preventing illness and promoting recovery, rehabilitation, good health, and the well-being of the patient.

FOGH believes that the focus of nursing services is the patient and in supporting each patient’s need for privacy, dignity and equality

Courses Offered

Flannery House Guest House provides nursing care services that focus on their residents’ well-being.

Prospective employees will receive CNA Certification Classes to give them opportunities to advance in healthcare.

You can also conduct the clinical practice on-site for extensive skills training and experience.

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AddressAddress: 1642 N. Flannery Road Baton Rouge, LA 70815

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