5 CNA Schools in Worcester, Massachusetts

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With a stale economy and great job opportunities, Worcester is a great place to be.

The recent infrastructure investments made this city very popular for investors and businesses.

The schools are excellent and you will find many options for a future career.

CNAs annual average salary in Massachusetts is $34,476 - ABOVE U.S. AVERAGE!

American Red Cross

The American Red Cross is one of the most famous healthcare institutions in the world. The fame is given by the dedication and high-quality training of all the employees and volunteers. Besides the humanitarian programs, the institution also provides amazing healthcare training and development programs that aim to train future carers.

The CNA program in Worcester gives one of the most complete curricula, including vital sign reading, rehabilitation exercises, infection care, public speaking, communication, and many more.

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AddressAddress: 2000 Century Drive, Worcester, MA 01606

Peak Medical Academy Inc

Peak Medical Academy Inc will help you reach peak performance and potential in a very short time. We have the best human resources and trainers and we dedicate all our efforts to completely form you into a dedicated professional. Come and discover the best materials, tutors, and facilities that will make your study time amazing.

The CNA program is perfect for dynamic and curious students that like taking care of every patient. Come to us and discover the newest care trends and tricks from the best trainers.

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AddressAddress: 38 Front Street, 2nd Floor, Worcester, MA 01608

The Fieldstone School, LLC

The Fieldstone School is the pinnacle of professionalism in the world of vocational training schools. We design all our classes and programs to offer the needed skills and knowledge in the current world. We will take you from the most basic training and slowly and steadily turn you into an amazing professional, no matter the course of your choice.

The CNA program is well-designed and short, taking just 128 hours to complete. The program offers dual certification that will help you apply for many entry-level jobs.

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AddressAddress: 90 Madison Street, Suite 200, Worcester, MA 01608

Quinsigamond Community College

Quinsigamond Community College is a flexible and dynamic place to start your training, giving the students the option to study part of the programs online. The teachers prepared the best lectures and curriculum for you, guaranteeing a real-life approach and education. Our partnerships with numerous institutions will provide great real-life training.

Our CNA program is very flexible and it will give you the option to do 50% of the classes online. After you complete the theoretical part you will be ready for the hands-on patient care part.

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AddressAddress: 670 West Boylston Street, Worcester 01606

3Dimensions Health Services

3Dimensions Health Services will take you to the next level of your career and training in a very short time. We have a very modern perspective and approach, providing all our students the best classes and resources. The programs provided by us focus on the personnel and skill needs of hospitals and private clinics.

A great choice for a dynamic future is the CNA class. The tuition fee is very affordable and it covers everything you need for your studies. After you finish the program you will receive a completion certificate that makes you eligible for the state exam.

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AddressAddress: 61 Harvard St, Worcester, MA

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