CNA Classes in Oklahoma (Top Schools)

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In Oklahoma, the State Department of Health (OSDH) regulates the standards for Certified Nurse Aides (CNAs).

Further, the department recognizes six types of CNAs:

  • Long Term Care Aide (LTC)
  • Home Health Aide (HHA)
  • Developmentally Disabled Direct Care Aide (DDCA)
  • Residential Care Aide (RCA)
  • Adult Day Care Aide (ADC)
  • Certified Medication Aide (CMA)

For you to be certified, you’ll have to at a minimum meet these requirements:

  • Complete a state-approved Nurse Aide Training Program (NATP)
  • Pass the state’s nurse aide competency evaluation exam (NACE)

Taking on a CNA Training Program in Oklahoma

As a nurse aide, you’ll provide nursing care to residents in nursing facilities in Oklahoma.

That’s why you’re required to enroll in a state-approved NATP to ensure you’ll receive a standardized education.

The subsequent information details the training requirements for each type of CNA.

Long Term Care Aide (LTC)

For CNA-LTCs, your training will include:

  • 75 hours of training or equivalent, with…
    • 16 hours of supervised clinical training
    • 16 hours of training in the areas below before direct contact with a resident:
      • Communication and interpersonal skills
      • Infection control
      • Promoting resident independence
        Respecting resident rights
      • Safety and emergency procedures, including the Heimlich maneuver
      • At least 10 hours of training in the care of Alzheimer’s patients

Home Health Aide (HHA)

For CNA-HHAs, your training will include:

  • 75 hours of training or equivalent, with…
    • 16 hours of classroom instruction
    • 16 hours of supervised clinical training

Developmentally Disabled Direct Care Aide (DDCA)

For CNA-DDCAs, you’ll complete a minimum of 75 hours of classroom and supervised clinical training or equivalent.

Residential Care Aide (RCA)

For CNA-RCAs, you’ll complete a minimum of 45 hours of classroom and supervised clinical training or equivalent.

Adult Day Care Aide (ADC)

For CNA-ADCs, you’ll complete a minimum of 45 hours of classroom and supervised clinical training or equivalent.

Certified Medication Aide (CMA)

For CMAs, you’ll complete a minimum of 40 hours of training or equivalent, with 16 hours of supervised clinical training.

In the table below, you’ll find some of the training facilities approved by OSDH.

For a complete and updated list, visit the Nurse Aide and Nontechnical Services Worker Registry’s web page.

10 CNA Schools in Oklahoma

School NameAddress
Autry Technology CenterEnid, OK 73703
Bell Avenue Nursing CenterElk City, OK 73644
Center of Family LoveOkarche, OK 73762
Eastern Oklahoma County Technology CenterChoctaw, OK 73020
Francis Tuttle Technology CenterEdmond, OK 73042
Gordon Cooper Technology CenterShawnee, OK 74804
Oakridge Home, LLCWewoka, OK 74884
Tri County Technology CenterBartlesville, OK 74006
Tulsa Technology CenterTulsa, OK 74106
Warr Acres Nursing Center OnlineOklahoma City, OK 73132

Waiving of CNA Training

OSDH will allow you to waive the NATP and directly sit for NACE if you complete training greater than the prescribed training hours for each CNA type.

For you to be considered, you’ll have to submit to OSDH the following documents:

  • Duly accomplished Training Exception Application Form (ODH Form 832)
  • Copy of your official transcript as proof
  • Affirmation and Oath of Truthfulness Attachment

Except for CNA-LTC candidates, you’ll need to pay a non-refundable processing fee of $15.

Update: As of December 2021, OSDH will exempt nurse aides who served during the pandemic from training.

They will submit the following:

  • Nurse Aide Exemption Application Form (ODH Form 1412)
  • Affirmation of Training

Again, like CNA-LTC candidates, the rest will pay a non-refundable processing fee of $15.

Evaluating a CNA Candidate

Nurse aides must pass competency evaluations.

There are three approved competency evaluation programs by OSDH, which are:

  • D&SDT-Headmaster
  • Health Certification Project
  • Prometric

You will have to inquire each testing vendor about the exam specifics, requirements, and fees.


D&S Diversified Technologies (D&SDT), LLP – Headmaster, LLP
PO Box 6609
Helena, MT 59604-6609
Phone: (800) 393-8664

Health Certification Project

Oklahoma Department of Career and Technology Education
Health Certification Project
1500 W. 7th Ave.
Stillwater, OK 74074
Phone: (405) 743-5447

For testing fees and exam schedules, directly contact the HCP testing site near you.


OK Nurse Aide
7941 Corporate Dr.
Nottingham MD 21236
Phone: 866.241.3120

Generally, though, all three will have the same exam content.

All three will have two types of competency evaluation exams:

  • Knowledge test (written or oral)
  • Skills test

The knowledge test assesses your practical knowledge and skills to provide nursing care to residents.

Meanwhile, the skills test assesses your competency in performing basic care in the nursing facility.

Both are timed tests, where you’re given a set of…

  • Multiple-choice questions for the knowledge test
  • Nurse aide skills/tasks for the skills test

Usually, to pass, you’ll need to score at least…

  • 70% on the knowledge test
  • 80% accuracy on each task in the skill test, with all key steps accounted for

You have until the eligibility period, usually two years after training completion, to pass both tests.

If you pass, you will receive your CNA certification and be added to the CNA Registry.

Should you fail, you can retake the failed test/s within the eligibility period.

You have up to three attempts on both tests to secure a passing score.

If you still fail on the third attempt, you’ll need to retrain in the NATP to retake NACE.

Potential Salary

Generally, CNA candidates enjoy satisfactory salaries across the U.S.

But of course, depending on your location, the amount will vary due to several factors like:

  • Education
  • Skill level
  • Certification
  • Work experience

In Oklahoma, you can expect to receive an average salary of around $29,000 per year.

Take a look at the table below for the salary information in the different cities in the state.

Annual Salary Range:

Average Salary of CNAs in Oklahoma

City NameSalary
Oklahoma City$29,994
Broken Arrow$30,250
Midwest City$
* Salary information last updated 2023

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