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Oregon, known for its beautiful parks and immense technological advancements, it is still finding room for more investment.

They say: Education is the best investment.

And they’re not wrong.

Certified Nursing Assistant Requirements in Oregon

Certified Nursing Assistants are credentialed at two levels:

as CNA I and CAN II.

Being a CAN I require both training and assessment completion.

Apart from the background check which is required, too.

However, in order to reach the CAN II level, the nursing assistant must also complete an additional training program as well.

CNA I Training and Examination Requirements

A future CNA initially completes a Board-approved CNA training program The Oregon State Board of Nursing has provided a list of the Oregon-Approved CNA programs.

Students to follow these programs have a final examination to go through with a passing score of the minimum of 75%.

Just then, they can be approved to take the state competency evaluation.

Additionally, nursing school graduates can also be tested as CNAs.

The same goes for international nursing graduates as well.

For other categories, such as military medics and corpsmen, they are eligible as long as the training meets OBRA requirements.

And of course, if they have 400 hours of nursing-related employment during the two previous years.

The main examination is the Oregon Nursing Assistant Competency Exam.

It is made of two parts:

Manual and written skills.

The written exam can be taken orally in needed.

But those who take the test should be aware of some reading comprehension questions also, that are attached to it.

This additional part is made in order to make sure the CNAs can read at a minimal level in English.

On the other hand, the manual skills exam includes actual nursing assistant duties.

Thus, the potential CAN has to first showcase proper handwashing technique.

Then, perform other random skills such as ambulating with a gait belt, putting on an anti-embolism stocking, or giving a partial bed bath.

The CNA I Examination Process

The examinations in Oregon are administered by the Headmaster.

Some candidates usually take the exam in the facility.

While others have to travel to the approved regional testing sites.

The headmaster, initially, has provided a list of the sites and the examination dates for the future three months.

But the candidates must be authorized for the test in the first place.

They have to apply to the Board of Nursing at least three weeks before their appointed examination date.

Once they are authorized, they will receive the confirmation letters.

CNAs usually take both examinations on the same day.

The test results will be ready online.

They are usually posted by the evening, one to three business days after taking the test.

But the timeframe depends on the way of the test, whether it was by paper or through a computer.

However, the candidate receives the test results via email, too.

In general, the candidates can try three times doing the examination.

If a candidate fails at one of the two evaluations, he or she can retest only in the one she/he has failed.

For that, he or she needs to submit a failure letter to the Board, as well as the fee attached to it.

The examination costs $106.

There is an additional $35 fee for candidates who request oral examination.

It costs $70 to retake the full examination.

While retaking just the skills examination is $45.

Candidates who complete in-state nursing assistant I courses will receive candidate bulletins from the training program.

Bulletins can also be downloaded from the ‘Oregon CNA Testing and Certification’ page of the Headmaster site.

Applicants should know the contents.

The CNA I Application Process

Some candidates will receive applications from their training program instructors.

Others can easily download them from the SBON website.

However, the Board requires all candidates to complete fingerprint-based criminal background checks.

Candidates can have fingerprints made at their choice of law enforcement agencies.

They may use the card provided by the agency or the one sent by the State Board of Nursing.

An applicant will need the OSBN Identity Verification form provided by the Board.

The fingerprints must be sealed in a manila envelope at the fingerprinting site.

The Board has provided a list of the frequent asked questions about the fingerprinting process.

The candidate has to include a copy of the training certificate as well as the sealed fingerprint documents along with that.

CNA II and CMA Requirements

In order to achieve the CNA II status, an individual must complete an approved CNA II program.

CNA II programs are also included in the Board approval list.

Prospective students can find their contact information for the programs.

In order to be eligible for CNA II, a person must be current and in good standing on the CNA I registry.

The Oregon Certified Medication Aide (CMA) credential is also dependent on first earning status as a Certified Nursing Assistant.

Prospective CMAs have to complete board-approved training programs and take another examination.

Out-of-State CNAs

In Oregon, there is also a solution for the Out-of-state-CNAs as well.

In order for such a candidate to be given the chance of reciprocity, she or he must have a completed program that meets OBRA requirements.

In most of the cases, the CAN must have minimally 400 hours of Nursing Assistant working experience during the previous two years.

The experience also must have been made under the supervision of a nurse.

CNAs who received their credentials within the previous two years, however, will not be required to document work experience.

CNA endorsement application packets are available on the Board website.

The endorsement applicant has to submit training and certification verification.

The application includes a certification verification form.

In most cases, the CNA has to fill out the top portion and send it into the state of certification.

CNAs are advised to contact the out-of-state registry first to make sure their status is current and inquiry whether there is a fee that must be submitted with the form.

CNAs from the following states have to instead fill out the top portion of the form and send it to the Oregon State Board to carry out the verification process:

  • California
  • Colorado
  • Illinois
  • Indiana
  • Missouri
  • Nebraska
  • North Carolina

The CNA endorsement fee is $60.

This is in addition to the $52 fingerprinting fee.

Additional Information

CNA certification information is available on the site of the Oregon State Board of Nursing.

The OSBN can be reached at (971) 673-0685 between 2:30 and 4:00 on weekdays.

Headmaster can be reached at (800) 393-8664 between 8:00 and 6:00 on weekdays.

The Best CNA Schools in Oregon

There are nearly 30 CNA schools in Oregon.

Being part of the USA, surely they offer various programs and advantages.

Some advantages are reciprocity, exam repetition and similar.

If you’ve been going around Oregon for that, I assure you, you’re in the right place.

27 CNA Schools in Oregon

School NameAddress
Tongue Point Job Corps CenterAstoria, OR 97103
Dallas Retirement VillageDallas, OR 97338
Avamere Riverpark of EugeneEugene, OR 97401
Avamere Rehabilitation of EugeneEugene, OR 97405
Wolf Creek Job Corps Civilian Conservation CenterGlide, OR 97443-9733
LaGrandePost Acute RehabGrande, OR 97850
Fair View Transitional Health CenterGrants Pass, OR 97526
Laurel Hill Nursing and Rehabilitation CenterGrants Pass, OR 97526
Mt. Hood Community CollegeGresham, OR 97030
Avamere Rehabilitation of HillsboroHillsboro, OR 97123
Independence Health and Rehabilitation CenterIndependence, OR 97351
Avamere at MedfordMedford, OR 97504
Milton FreewaterHealth and Rehabilitation CenterMilton Freewater, OR 97862
Baycrest VillageNorth Bend, OR 97459
Treasure Valley Community CollegeOntario, OR 97914
Presbyterian Community Care CenterOntario, OR 97914
Blue Mountain Community CollegePendleton, OR 97801
Avamere Crestview of PortlandPortland, OR 97239
Tierra Rose Senior Living CommunitySalem, OR 97301
WindsorHealth and Rehabilitation CenterSalem, OR 97301
Avamere Transitional Care at SunnysideSalem, OR 97302
Sherwood Park Nursing & Rehab CenterSalem, OR 97303
Columbia Care CenterScappoose, OR 97056
Avamere Twin Oaks of Sweet HomeSweet Home, OR 97386
The DallesHealth and Rehabilitation CenterThe Dalles, OR 97058
Springdale Job Corps CenterTroutdale, OR 97060
Cascade View Nursing CenterWilson Bend, OR 97702

CNA Salaries in Oregon

All of us are looking for higher wages.

But the best workers will always do their best to deserve them.

That’s the key formula for that.

Taking also into consideration many factors such as education, experience, skills and so on.

But generally, good work always pays off.

Annual Salary Range:

Average Salary of CNAs in Oregon

City NameSalary
* Salary information last updated 2022

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