4 CNA Schools in Eugene, Oregon

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Eugene, OR has a growing business sector that gives professionals like CNAs more career opportunities.

So if you’re interested, receive a CNA training in any good school within the city and its neighbors.

Below, we featured some of those CNA schools that you can check out.

CNAs annual average salary in Oregon is $31,561 - ABOVE U.S. AVERAGE!

Lane Community College

About the School

Lane Community College provides quality, comprehensive, accessible, inclusive, learning-centered educational opportunities that promote equitable student success.

It equips and encourages all students and staff to participate actively in building a socially diverse, just, and sustainable society, while cultivating connections to local, regional, and global communities.

Courses Offered

Lane Community College offers a CNA program that prepares you for the certification exam.

You’ll learn knowledge and skills in topics like:

  • Basic nursing care
  • Introduction to healthcare facilities
  • Nursing assistant role and responsibilities
  • Body structure and function
  • Patient needs, growth, and development
  • Infection control
  • Communication and interpersonal skills
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AddressAddress: 4000 East 30th Ave. Eugene, OR 97405

Dare 2 Care Learning Center

About the School

Dare 2 Care Learning Center is a small, locally owned training center offering Nursing Assistant 1 (CNA title comes after passing state board exam) and CNA 2 classes.

Since it opened our doors in 2012, it has become the third largest school in the state of Oregon while maintaining small, intimate classes.

Courses Offered

Dare 2 Care Learning Center offers a CNA program that prepares you for the certification exam.

It’s a small, intimate class to ensure every student gets to learn all essential knowledge and skills.

You can choose any of these schedules:

  • 3-week day classes
  • 5-week evening classes

Also, the school offers free lab time so you can review your skills before taking the exam.

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AddressAddress: 1050 Willagillespie Rd. Suite #6 Eugene, OR 97401

EMT Associates

About the School

EMT Associates has worked in medical training since 1981.

It follows the state curriculum to ensure a comprehensive understanding of all the topics needed for success in your career.

Courses Offered

EMT Associates offers a CNA program that prepares you for employment and the certification exam.

Training will include 65 hours of classroom time and lab skills demonstrations, as well as 40 hours of clinical practice in a skilled nursing facility.

You’ll learn how to effectively care for patients, including:

  • Taking vital signs
  • Assisting with daily living activities
  • Monitoring patients and their conditions
  • Providing mental, physical, emotional, and social support
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AddressAddress: 1144 Gateway Loop Springfield, OR 97477

Avalon Health Care Group - Hillside Heights Rehabilitation Center

About the School

Avalon Health Care Group is built on principles that recognize the worth of every individual.

Its care legacy is based on personal integrity and a commitment to provide compassionate, responsible, quality services to the communities that it serves.

Courses Offered

Avalon Healthcare offers a CNA program that prepares you for the certification exam.

In the 172-hour training, you’ll learn topics like:

  • Basic nursing skills
  • Personal care
  • Basic restorative services
  • Psychosocial needs
  • Resident rights and independence
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AddressAddress: 1201 McLean Blvd. Eugene, OR 97405

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