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Located in one of the most gorgeous areas of Nebraska, Lincoln in an excellent place to live.

The businesses here are developing and you will have a vast variety of available jobs.

The educational system is very friendly and welcoming, and you will find many interesting programs.

CNAs annual average salary in Nebraska is $29,057 - ABOVE U.S. AVERAGE!

Bryan Health

Bryan Health is one of the best places to take your love for healthcare and medicine to the next level. We have one of the biggest educational institutions in the state and very long experience in providing medical education. With us, you will have the guarantee that you are learning from the best in the best facilities and with the best materials.

The CNA training takes 4 months and it costs 499 USD. The tuition covers the registration, the education itself, and the study materials. You will have purchase the scrubs and the materials for the clinical practice individually.

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AddressAddress: 1600 South 48th Street Lincoln, Nebraska 68506

Nebraska Health Care Association

With a strong will to give everyone the chance to a healthy life and an excellent health education, Nebraska Health Care Association is one of the biggest names in medical education in Nebraska. We constantly advocate and fight for the quality of medical studies and practice and with us, you are guaranteed to have the best clinical practice and medical education.

One of our superstar programs is the CNA thanks to the increasing demand for care professionals. The program takes just 2 weeks to complete and it has everything you need to know included.

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AddressAddress: 1200 Libra Drive, Ste. 100 Lincoln, NE 68512

Providence Healthcare Institute

Providence Healthcare Institute is a superstar in the health and medical community in Nebraska. With cutting-edge technology and some of the most professional nurses and healthcare providers, we follow all the national and international standards of quality. With us, you will have one of the most realistic educational experiences possible.

The CNA program can be done in day or evening classes and it consists of 36 hours of lectures that can be done online and 40 hours of clinical practice in long-term care facilities.

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AddressAddress: 4600 Valley Rd. Ste. 412 Lincoln, NE 68510

Southeast Community College

With a long history and excellent educational expertise, Southeast Community College provides one of the most diverse selections of theoretical and vocational programs in Nebraska. All our classes and labs have very modern facilities and you will have full access to all our facilities and mentoring from our teachers.

To enroll in this CNA program, you have to be 16 years old or older. The program is very short, consisting of 100 hours of lectures, clinical rotations, and labs that will make you confident for the state exam and job-ready.

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AddressAddress: 8800 O Street Lincoln, NE 68520-1299

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