4 CNA Schools in El Paso, Texas

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El Paso, with its stable business sector, offers plenty of career opportunities to CNAs.

So now’s your chance to grab these opportunities if you aspire to have a career in healthcare.

To kick-start your career, check out the CNA schools in El Paso, TX below.

CNAs annual average salary in Texas is $31,116 - ABOVE U.S. AVERAGE!

El Paso Community College - Rio Grande Campus

About the School

El Paso Community College provides educational opportunities and support services that prepare individuals to improve their personal quality of life and to contribute to their economically and culturally diverse community.

It offers more than 130 academic programs and more than 350 personal enrichment/continuing education courses at five campuses located throughout El Paso County.

Courses Offered

El Paso Community College’s CNA program equips you with the skills needed in various healthcare settings.

For 6 weeks, you’ll familiarize yourself with the following patient care tasks:

  • Answer patient call lights
  • Take vital signs
  • Assist senior nurses with nursing procedures
  • Provide skin care and massages
  • Assist with activities of daily living
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AddressAddress: 100 West Rio Grande Ave. El Paso, TX 79902

Emerald Nursing School

About the School

Emerald Nursing School has been in the community for over 25 years.

You can become a certified nursing assistant in just 3 to 7 weeks with morning, evening, and weekend classes available for a reasonable and low price.

Courses Offered

Emerald Nursing School’s CNA program prepares you for employment in various healthcare settings.

Training will consist of hands-on classroom instruction and clinical practice.

You can choose the following class schedules depending on your availability:

  • 3-week morning class
  • 4-week evening class
  • 7-week weekend class
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AddressAddress: 4936 Hondo Pass Dr. El Paso, TX 79924

Cultural Technical Institute, LLC

About the School

Cultural Technical Institute, LLC was designed to create an atmosphere of diversity that recognizes and values differences, and it strongly believes, without a doubt, that quality rather than quantity is and always will be the key to success in its endeavor.

Particularly, it believes that its students require special attention and a combined program of studies to help them continue their education and acquire additional skills that are useful in today’s workplace.

Courses Offered

Cultural Technical Institute’s CNA program trains you in the needed skills used in a variety of healthcare settings.

For five weeks, training will cover topics such as:

  • Assist with activities of daily living activities
  • Promote and protect patient rights and independence
  • Support and meet patient needs
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AddressAddress: 1510 N. Zaragoza B13 El Paso, TX 79936

Center For Career and Technology Education

About the School

The Center for Career and Technology Education is an EPISD (El Paso Independent School District) school with high school juniors and seniors attending from throughout the region.

Its campus features 26 programs of study leading to Career and Technical Education Endorsements and Certifications.

All programs offer State or National industry-recognized certifications and credentials upon completion of the two-year program.

Courses Offered

CCTE’s CNA program helps junior and high school students to have a successful career in healthcare.

Training will take two years to complete, teaching the essential CNA skills and knowledge.

Also, emphasis is given to clinical rotations so you can practice the skills and gain real-world experience.

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AddressAddress: 1170 Walnut St. El Paso, TX 79930

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