7 CNA Schools in Jacksonville, Florida

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With an 8% employment growth by 2030, CNAs will become more in demand to serve the elderly.

Such is true in Florida where there’s a high density of nursing homes and other facilities.

For this reason, many institutions offer CNA training to aspiring CNAs across the state.

Below, you’ll find some of the good CNA schools in Jacksonville that you can consider.

CNAs annual average salary in Florida is $30,047 - ABOVE U.S. AVERAGE!

First Coast CNA

First Coast CNA partnered with the American Red Cross to offer a 120-hour CNA program.

You can choose a three-week day class or a five-week evening class to learn…

  • Professional patient interaction
  • Vital signs and other measurement skills
  • Assisted daily living activities
  • Common health problems and chronic illnesses
  • Documenting and reporting observations to the nurse supervisor

Upon completion, you’ll be ready to provide basic patient care in long-term and acute-care facilities.

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AddressAddress: 3728 Philips Highway #13 Jacksonville, FL 32207

Acumen Medical Services

Acumen Medical Services offers a CNA Test Prep Training Class.

As such, the program only aims to see you take and pass the certification exam.

In four days, you’ll receive 100% hands-on training with teachers giving you everything you need to pass the exam with confidence.

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AddressAddress: 5820 Normandy Blvd. Jacksonville, FL 32205

Affordable Training

Affordable Training offers full CNA training to prepare you for the field and the certification exam.

In five weeks, you’ll acquire essential skills and qualifications to work with patients, such as:

  • Multi-tasking
  • Medical teamwork
  • Bedside manner
  • Infection control
  • Health promotion and maintenance
  • Creating a safe effective environment
  • Communication
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AddressAddress: 7867 Lakeland Street Jacksonville, FL 32221

Florida State College at Jacksonville

Florida State College at Jacksonville offers a CNA program that prepares you for this healthcare career.

It offers two mandatory courses:

  • Part 1 where it introduces you to the healthcare environment, the team, and the delivery system
  • Part 2 where it trains you in the basic nursing assistant skills, including a clinical rotation
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AddressAddress: 501 W. State Street Jacksonville, FL 32202

American Red Cross - Northeast Florida Chapter

American Red Cross offers a CNA program that prepares you for the healthcare field.

In four to eight weeks, you’ll learn the theory and skills to work at a skilled nursing facility.

Aside from these, you’ll also cultivate the following personal skills while incorporating them to the elements of care:

  • Communication and interpersonal skills
  • Critical thinking
  • Decision-making
  • Team concepts
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AddressAddress: 751 Riverside Avenue Jacksonville, FL 32204

Florida Training Academy

Florida Training Academy offers a CNA Prep Course that prepares you for the certification exam.

In approximately one month, you’ll receive hands-on training to acquire the essential knowledge and skills.

Upon completion, you can apply to challenge the exam.

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AddressAddress: 2253 Cassat Avenue Jacksonville, FL 32210

One Week CNA Training

One Week CNA Training, as the name suggests, offers a one-week CNA program.

It aims to prepare you for the certification exam with all the essential clinical skills acquired.

Some of these skills include:

  • Ambulation
  • Bed pan
  • Catheter care
  • Hand and nail care
  • Hand washing
  • Indirect care behaviors
  • Infection control
  • Mouth care
  • Partial bed bath
  • Perineal care
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AddressAddress: 934 Arlington Road N. Jacksonville, FL 32211

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